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integrated Occupational Safety & Health:

  • Comprehensive health and safety services
  • Business, industry and government facilities
  • US and around the world

Our Approach:

Provide you the best work product for your time and money by asking:
  • “What are the real risks?"
  • "How can we structure the solution to:
    • increase productivity
    • save money
    • cut operating cost
    • improve schedule?” 

Integrating occupational safety & health:
iOSH looks to capitalize upon those assets that the client already has in order to work safety into their business strategy and infrastructure.  By using this integrated approach, improvements come faster, more efficiently and are more readily accepted. 

We strive to incorporate safety into the culture of your company rather than just piling on another burdensome compliance program.  Once safety is an integral part of a company’s culture, the return on investment becomes manifest.   This is what integration of safety is all about, and the reason behind our name.
We love a good challenge – bring us yours!

iOSH is a small, woman-owned business, founded in 2005 by Jane Golden, MA and Doug Herrick, MS, CIH, CSP after having obtained over 20 years of broad-based experience in a variety of industries.
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